Oh how I love you …

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! As I think About what this day means to me now , I can’t help but think how different it is as a mom and wife rather than dating.

Yes it’s still a romantic day for couples, but to me it’s so much more now. I think of my husband as my friend, leader , protector, and a wonderful father. And I have to tell ya, that’s a lot hotter than just wondering if your date is going to get you chocolate. ( don’t get me wrong, I still want chocolate..)

Kids will grow up watching and learning what you do for each other every day and especially on holidays. A surprise mommy pedicure meant a lot more to me than I think he realizes and I am so grateful. If my baby was old enough to remember this year he would have seen a couple who decided to put each other and God first. This is something as parents many tend to lose focus of when it should actually be a priority. You can’t really run the ship if the captain and co-captain aren’t looking at the same map. Our map just happens to be the words of God. Slowly we are learning that together we are strong, but with God we are unstoppable.

So today I want to say thank you to my husband. Thank you for being my everything, for picking up the slack around the house, for staying up late with me calming down a cranky baby when you know you have to get up for work in a few hours, and most of all thank you for being the leader our family needs to take us closer to God each day.

And with that being said, here’s a look into our play time with Grandma at the park 💕❤️

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