Chilly Beach Day

Yayyy! I finally get to share a session we did a month ago on an odd cold Florida morning at the beach.

This was the quickest session I’ve had in a while but it also produced the cutest sibling pictures everrrrr.

If your trying to take quick shots of your own toddler, here are some tips:

-Take a few minutes and play with them first so they don’t feel like your just out to take their picture. I don’t know about you but my 1.5 year old knows when I’m going to take a picture of him and he deliberately looks away or turns around sometimes haha.

-Don’t try to pose them unless you have some seriously good patience or someone to help you distract them into staying where you put them for 5 seconds.

-Give then actions to perform! They love being on the move, so raise the shutter speed up on your camera and go with it. Capture them as they jump, run, spin, and blow kisses.

– Get on their level. We all know the obvious size differences between us and our toddlers. Make your images more interesting and special but crouching down and take images on their eye level. This helps them not look too small in images and makes everything overall look great!

What are some things you do to get awesome pictures of your toddler when your not having me do them?! 🙂

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