From the very first point of contact to the last wave goodbye, we want you to feel confident with your choice to create beautiful portraits with us.

Hi! My name is Stefani and in the picture above is my husband Tyler. We often are working as a team to maximize the workflow on wedding days or prop intensive sessions.

We understand that not everybody feels comfortable in front of the camera. The best way to think about your session is by making it a documentary about yourself. With a little guidance and prompting from us, you will be relaxed and showing who you are and your organic connection with your family, significant other, or even rocking a solo session like a pro.

Our goal is to make art that our clients can connect with an experience later on. For our wedding clients, you will be looking back at your special day album and the legacy you’ve created by choosing us to be there with you.

We have chosen our “specialties ” based on times of great emotion. From weddings, newborns, maternity, and family sessions, these are all times of your lives that seem to go by so quickly that we want to make sure you have a record of these precious moments for years to come.

A little bit about me…

Being a wife and mother has been some of the best things I’ve done in my life and I’m loving every moment of it and trying to capture just as much as I can too! My husband (Tyler) is generally seen being my assistant or second shooter. I call him the “muscles ” of our team for always being willing to build, move, or hold whatever prop or equipment we need for a session. We Love Jesus and put him first in our lives above all else. I believe I have been called to show what His love looks like with everyone that comes my way, and am so thankful my profession gives me so many opportunities for this exact thing. Our church is very hands on and you can often find me up front with the worship team a few times a month, and in the women’s group every week.

I am a tea lover, Harry Potter nerd, makeup fanatic, and when I am not playing with my baby, I am on YouTube.

I look forward to serving you for your next portrait session!

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