What do you look for in your wedding photographer?

I’ve been getting a few wedding quote messages lately and have also posted this list as a Facebook post! I had good feedback from it so I figured it deserves its own blog post.

This is for any bride who is currently looking for her wedding photographer and is lost in the sea of professionals all vying for your attention. I hope this helps!

1. Personality

1. Philosophy and personality – You are probably going to be spending more time with me on your wedding day than your maid of honor. I will be your shadow, friend, coordinator, emergency seamstress, makeup toucher-upper (if that’s a thing ) , and more! The reason I try to schedule in person meeting with my brides before booking is to make sure our personalities will not clash and that we will be able to communicate effectively so that your main priority on your big day is relaxing and having fun instead of worrying if I know what to do. My photography philosophy is simple , I love love. God has called us to love one another and marriage is a big blessing that takes a lot of love for another person. Marriage is hard work and a beautiful partnership and I am honored to be able to capture the beginning of your adventure together! (And hopefully more life events after!)

2. Style

2. Style and wedding light availability- Make sure that you are looking at the images in my portfolio and liking what you see. Also keep in mind that an outside sunset ceremony and an indoor night time ceremony will have completely different looks depending on the lighting that is available to me. Although I am able to take your vision into consideration , like if you tell me you want a soft warm light feel to your images, please know that this is possible as long as there is enough light to allow for it. Natural light and flash light produce very different effects and sometimes I even combine the two for a truly amazing effect.

That being said, if you want to see the different effects lighting can have just ask me and I will send you examples of what kind of situation I was in and what the outcome was!


3. Delivery

3.Delivery- I know you’re so excited about receiving your images after your wedding! My average wedding turn around time is 8-12 weeks depending on how long I am at the wedding for. I know you probably don’t want to wait but sometimes that’s not a bad thing! I am diligently going through every single image and making hand edits to make your day look flawless and put together in a way that would look great in albums.

You receive them in a personal online gallery separated in albums by time sequence of events (pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception…) The images you receive are high resolution JPEG files that should be downloaded onto your computer, or you can order a flash drive from your gallery that I will mail to you will all your images included. From your gallery you will also have the option to purchase prints and albums.

Before the release of the final gallery I will usually post 3-4 sneak peek photos from your wedding if you have given me permission in your contract for me to post your images online and use them in my portfolio for helping future brides see my work.

4. Pricing

4. Pricing/credentials- Money is often the first thing people think about when deciding on a professional, so that’s why I put it last on my list. I understand sticking to a budget, but make sure your giving it enough to work with! There is always ways to save for your wedding but photography isnt something you want to cheap out on. Remember that this is the only physical thing you get after your wedding is over (besides the piece of frozen cake for your one year anniversary!). Whatever your budget, I do have payment plan options and collection customizing to make sure it will work out for you. At the end of the day, the money won’t matter so much if you end up getting someone annoying or unprofessional for your day and end up regretting not going for someone that you actually liked and can trust to do their job. In most cases you get what you pay for and that has a lot to do with the knowledge/experience that comes with the job description.

Most professionals have spent years building up their knowledge and equipment, and then updating this every year with continuous education and gear upgrades and replacements. Once we put together the actual tools of our trade, we then consider our package choices and what we are able to offer you. With that being said, also make sure that your photographer is a legitimate business with a license and insurance (ITS OKAY TO ASK!), along with contracts for your event. Not only is it the responsible thing to do, but contracts helps YOU know you will be receiving your images. I’m thinking of all the horror stories I’ve read about photographers taking people’s money and disappearing after the wedding when I say this.

Weddings are the most exciting and high risk events for us, after all it’s usually only going to happen once for you. I take my job very seriously and put in the hours after the event to put together the most beautiful story of your day that I hope will make you cry because I’m usually crying before I send it to you! 😂

Thank you for reading this and I hope this helps you find the perfect photographer for your big day. If you think it could be me, let me know! I would love to meet you and learn about your love story and plans.

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